Tips & Tricks

How to get the most out of your panels and products.

Secure a trash bag to your tripod tray

The Tripod Utility Tray has many uses and is handy for all your en plein air painting adventures. Here is a tip for managing your trash out in the field. Loop the handles of a standard plastic grocery store bag 2 or 3 times around the hooks on the front of the tray. Put a rock in the bag to keep it from blowing. You won't be chasing tissues across the landscape anymore with this set-up.

Studio palette tips

Our studio palatte is so sturdy and rugged, you can screw a paper towel holder to the underside on one end. Place the palette on a small rolling stand for maximum convienience.

Hey, that's better than I thought.

When painting in the field, carry a small frame with you to see what your painting looks like framed. Often times doing this will help to determine what degree of finish is needed.....if any.

Salvage That Painting!

Our Gatorfoam panels have yet another advantage over a stretched canvas. Do you absolutely love that one section of an otherwise humdrum painting? On a Gatorfoam linen panel, you can easily cut the panel, and save the best part!