Reviews and Endorsements eric micaels


"If you're like me, and you care about the quality of your painting materials, then Plein Air Panels should be your choice. The Plein Air Panels are sturdy, lightweight, economical, and with a surface of Claessens linen, they perfectly accommodate my painting needs in both the studio, and on-location." -- Eric Michaels



bob rohm


"I use Plein Air Panels for field studies and also studio work. Sometimes 'stretched canvas' becomes loose due to changes in altitude and humidity. That is why I prefer to do large works on 1/2" or 3/4" gatorfoam panels-- lightweight and they don't have the 'give' of a stretched canvas. I also like the new 'Tripod Utility Tray, great design and fits easily in my backpack. " -- Bob Rohm





"I have used panels from this company for the past 4 years, very satisfied with the quality, price, and service. Several of my students buy from them too." --Kim English

"I have been using these panels exclusively for the last 4 years and have always been pleased with the quality and the excellent service!" -- LaNell Arndt





       "There is nothing better than painting on linen. and my favorite is Claessens # 12" -- William Kalwick