Studio and Field Painting Accessories

The French Insider Folding Palette:

At last a folding palette that fits INSIDE YOUR FRENCH EASEL !!

Bring your French easel into the 21st century with our new FRENCH INSIDER FOLDING PALETTE. Unlike other French easel accessories, OUR folding palette fits INSIDE your French easel!

Our new palette is constructed of sturdy PVC sheet (not wood-that can warp or crack) and sturdy metal piano hinges. This innovative design gives the modern day painter 250 sq. inches of palette surface. That's plenty of area for mixing larger quantities of paint for larger paintings. The 2 side panels fold over the large center panel and makes transporting a wet palette easy.

The mixing surface is a neutral gray and the slide out shelf has it’s own gray value scale 0-10.

The surface allows for easie palette clean up - simply scrape wet paint from mixing areas with a palette knife, then finish cleaning area with a paper towel moistened with turps.

Weighs only 2 lbs. 7 oz. -- Closed palette dimensions: 16 x 10.75 x 1.5

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The slide out shelf has a 3” hole for your small turps jar and brush holes on both sides (left or right hand).

The FRENCH INSIDER comes equipped with its own turps container. Container is made of lightweight PPG plastic (not glass). Comes with a butyl rubber gasket and locking lid. Container drops into a 3” hole in the slide out shelf. No more hanging/swinging turps containers! It holds 7 oz. of turps and weighs 4 oz.

Our FRENCH INSIDER fits inside the drawer of most full size French easels such as Jullian, Mabef, and others.

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Adjustable Panel Holderadjustable panel holder

Hold your panels safely and securely while minimizing space. With these adjustable panel holders, there is no more propping paintings against the wall, no more wet panels sticking together. They are perfect for transporting wet canvases or panels from the field to the studio or home. The holder will sit in the floorboard or trunk of your vehicle-- don't get wet paint on your car's upholstery! This panel holder is also great as a drying rack in the studio.

  • holds 8 1/8" or 4 3/4" Plein Air Panels
  • can hold 2 different sizes of panels or stretched canvas
  • fully adjustable from 8" to 20"

panel holder
panel holder can ride in the back of a pick-up, SUV or in your trunk

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Studio Palette

You can keep everything in reach with this 1/4" Glass Palette, 14x22, with a neutral gray underneath for easier value comparisons. Cleans easily with a razor blade scraper. Ample space around palette for brushes, turps can and paint tubes. $149.95

Wood palette cover aids in keeping paint fresh. Overall size is 16"x 37"x 1-3/8"

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Narrow dimension depth (16") allows palette to be positioned in front of your easel.

Oil & Acrylic Painter's Shelf
utility tray

plein air painting tray

Easy and lightweight to pack and go! The tray is constructed of 1/4" tough ABS. No clamps or brackets --simply drops onto a tripod (fits most tripods with 1" diameter legs). Its more than a handy shelf, this well thought out tray has a hole for turps can and brushes, clips for trash bag and paper towel holder. Sturdy enough to hold a medium size pastel box. patent pending $37.95

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watercolor easle

Plein Air Water Color, Acrylic and Oil Painting Easels

We also highly recommend the full line of En Plein Air Pro Easels for all your painting adventures. Perfect for travel and working in the field, it is well thought out and makes set up a snap.

Visit the En Plein Air Pro website for details.