Plein Air Panels offer the highest quality panels available. Our lightweight, durable artist panels provide a superior archival support for your work. They are ideal for painting 'en plein air' or in the studio. These panels were developed out of need--our needs and those of our artist friends who require a high quality affordable supports.

Professional artists, and serious amateurs alike can not afford to see their work degraded by substrate warping, cracking, yellowing or staining. Many products on the market have serious flaws: 1/8" birch has concerns of warping, natural acids in wood products can leach out, chip boards are prone to moisture damage and mildew. That is why we did extensive research, development and field testing to refine our products.

"You put all that time and effort into your plein air painting. You get up early to capture the morning light. You hike to that perfect spot. You battle the elements.
Why would you trust your work to a student grade, chip board panel?"


artistsPanels are available with an MDF, Masonite or Gatorfoam substrate. For MDF panels, we seal it first with white shellac to prevent chemicals in the binders, or it's natural acids from migrating into your painting. For oil painting we offer Claessens #66 and #12 double primed Portrait Linen surfaces. For multiple oil or acrylic painting we also offer Claessens #109 acrylic primed universal linen . Either way, you get a lightweight, stable and great to paint on surface.




Crafted in Texasmaterials

All our painting panels are hand crafted in Texas.

  • Standard Sizes 6x8 - 16X20
  • 1/8" MDF with Linen
  • 3/16" Gatorboard with Linen
  • 1/2" Gatorboard with Linen

Custom Sizes and Group Discounts Available

No charge for custom size orders.We are happy to help you with all your special needs email Chase Almond at info@pleinairpanels.com


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